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Olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, category extra superior, HOZ The oil has been directly obtained from the olives through mechanical procedures (grinding, decantation and filtered).


Empeltre, Verdeña and Blancal

It has been made from three different varieties (empeltre, verdeña and blancal). It is a bright and yellow colorful olive oil. Pleasing aroma of olive, tomato and almond. You’ll find a warm and fruity flavor, together with a moderate spicy taste that reminds sweet and fresh grass together and a high intensity of fruits. The olives are recollected at hand, when they are still mostly green, in the months of November and December, and treated the same day. The products presented variations in their flavors and aromas, due to the manual selection of varieties empeltre, verdeña and blancal (Somontano varieties). A little sediment on the bottom of the bottle may be formed, and it is a natural phenomenon ensuring that the olives have not suffered from any physical or chemical treatment and that they have not been centrifuged. The early harvesting of our olives has permitted us to develop a very aromatic extra virgin olive with a sharp personality.




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