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Viñedos de Hoz

The company Viñedos de Hoz, SL was founded with the aim of promoting agricultural and wine production in Hoz de Barbastro (in the Somontano Region, Huesca). It also aims to have a positive impact on the economy of the rural environment and to enhance the excellent products of Somontano. Viñedos de Hoz combines the knowledge of a family of farmers who, generation after generation for over 500 years, have cultivated and exploited their lands with great wisdom and reverence, passing down to each others great feelings of love and respect for the land, with the entrepreneurial and innovative capacity of some partners who are passionate about wine and its world. Viñedos de Hoz offers a premium product within the parameters of natural and sustainable agriculture reflecting our commitment to the society today and in the future.



The history

According to the genealogical tree, the Almazor family is linked to Hoz de Barbastro since 1500 when the family won the infanzonía that exempted their members from paying taxes to the kingdom. Since then they have been cultivating their land of olives, almonds, grapes, other fruits and cereals. The family elaborated the wine at the wineries of their property, they stored it in large barrels in their own cellar, and they sold the wine to the people in the small villages of the mountain coming down to buy it in carts. In the early 1960, and due to poor workmanship for the migration to the capital, the family had to transform the fields of trees and vines into cereal. In the last generation, two brothers, Juan Manuel and Miguel Ángel, took over the family business, worked hard in the land and started a small animal farm. In 1990 they planted new vineyards, animated by the wine boom in the region of Somontano. From the beginning, they signed a contract to sell the grapes to a major winery in the area, but given the situation of the farm and the results obtained since 2008, the Almazor family changed their mind and decided to produce their own wines in finding the high quality of their vineyards. To achieve this end, in September 2010 they are associated with some friends-entrepreneurs coming from the Barcelona area, a society with deep lovers of the natural products of the Somontano region.






Viñedos de Hoz s.l.

22312 Hoz de Barbastro

Huesca (España)

Tlf. (+34) 670 283 024